Parents Admit Guilt In Daughter’s Death

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PALMERTON -- A couple from Palmerton charged in the death of their 11-month-old daughter, pleaded guilty to some charges Tuesday.

The mother and father admitted they failed to provide the proper care for their child.

Jacob and Kimberly Taschler of Palmerton arrive in court prepared to admit that their actions led to the death of their daughter, 11-month-old Kayla.

Prosecutors said that Kayla's parents missed doctors appointments for their daughter and the infant was strapped into a car seat at home for 16 hours and was not checked on.

Prosecutors also said the infant suffered excessive loss of weight and muscle and Kayla was not properly provided with fluids and food.

Defense Attorney George Dydynsky said he has questions about the death.

"The problems occurred in the last days, the last day really. I really don't have an explanation as to why is this child's bound for dehydration, why, when there is food in the stomach, there is wasting," said Dydynsky.

In a plea deal with prosecutors, Jacob Taschler pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of children. Involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges were dismissed.

His wife took the brunt of the blame. Kimberly admitted to involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of children. A charge of reckless endangerment was dismissed.

Prosecutor Williams McDonald explained why the mother Kimberly didn't get the same deal as the father Jacob.

"The commonwealth has always contended that both parents were responsible for the death of the child however at the time of the child's death, Kimberly was the primary caregiver of the child," McDonald said.

Jacob Taschler, the father of Kayla said he loves all his children, including two who are in foster care, since Kayla's death.

"My attorney will not allow me to speak about anything at the moment," Taschler said.

The judge in the case may follow state guidelines when it comes to sentencing. Both defense lawyers agree that their clients will see jail time.

Jacob Taschler could get a maximum of 14 months in jail and his wife Kimberly a maximum of three and a half years.