A “Beary” Scary Situation

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BERWICK -- William Deater's three-year-old daughter Sarah was playing in the family's backyard in Berwick when Deater heard a knock at the front door.  It was a Berwick police officer.

"'Secure the kids inside, there's a bear in the neighborhood.'  I stepped outside the back door and there he was, 20 feet from my back porch--within 10 feet of Sarah," said Deater.

Deater said he ran out of his house off the back porch, right over here where little Sarah was standing.  He says the bear was just a few feet away sitting right here.

"I was scared.  She was scared," said Deater.

Deater says his dog Squeak chased the bear out of the backyard.

"I have trees in the back corner of the yard.  He managed to climb over the tree and right back out he went," said Deater.

Police in Berwick said the black bear probably weighed around 90 pounds.  It was seen walking through several yards on 8th street.

Police say the bear walked by "All About Kids Daycare."  Officers called the daycare to make sure the kids were inside.

"The older ones, as soon as they heard bear, got all excited and started looking out the window hoping to see it. But we never saw anything," said Susan Stout, Director of the daycare.

""It's definitely not something you plan on seeing when you come out your back door," said Deater.

Police say officers were eventually able to lead the bear back into the woods behind the Berwick retirement village and hasn't been seen since.