Storms Leave Damage Behind, Cleanup Ahead

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MUNCY -- People in central Pennsylvania are still feeling the effects of this weekend's storms.

Damaging winds left a lot of cleanup work for folks in Lycoming County.

PPL reports fewer than 50 homes and businesses still without power in Lycoming County after Saturday's storms. Crews have restored electricity to thousands since then but home and business owners still have quite the mess leftover.

Barron Zimmers was finally getting around to removing the massive limb that fell Saturday. It narrowly missed hitting his home in Muncy.

"I opened up the door and thought I walked into a hurricane. Never heard the limb come down. Half an hour later the sky was sunny, and nice, and had this mess back here," said Zimmers.

Frank Pidcoe and the folks at Trout Pond Park near Muncy had already taken down one massive tree here to make way for a covered bridge. Then Mother Nature had her own way with things and took down a part of a tree which then damaged a trout fishing building beyond repair.

"It's probably $10,000 worth of damage between everything, because we had trees on the pavilion, wires, and other stuff," said Pidcoe.

It's the third time in two years the park has been hit by destructive storms.

Pidcoe said he is getting used to cleaning up after them.

"I'd rather it happen to me than someone else. I have the means to clean it up and can use the firewood," he said.

For the few dozen homes and businesses still without power in Lycoming County, A PPL spokesperson said they should all be back online by 9 p.m. Monday.