Neiman Marcus Moving into Luzerne County

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JENKINS TOWNSHIP -- Plans are set for a warehouse to transform into a hub of excitement, bringing more business and about 150 new jobs to Luzerne County.

Big-time retailer Neiman Marcus is leasing space for the next ten years in the CenterPoint Commerce and Trade Park in Jenkins Township, near Pittston.

The company carries specialty brands and high-end designer items.

"It`s very exciting for our area today to have 150 new jobs being brought into the area,  Especially with the brand name Niemen Marcus. That means a lot to our area," said Pittston Chamber of Commerce President Charles Adonizio.

Daniel Williams of Pittston says he's glad more jobs are coming to his community and knows what it's like for those still looking for work.

"I just got laid off from a job and have luckily found one, and just happy to be working, so I know a lot of people would be like me, just happy to get some good money, food, help," said Williams.

"Our unemployment rate is a little higher in northeastern Pennsylvania than in the rest of the state, so we welcome any new jobs into our area," said Adonizio.

Neiman Marcus is just the latest of several big companies that moved into CenterPoint Commerce and Trade Park, helping many who are still looking for jobs in the Luzerne County area.

Charles Adonizio says many businesses in the Pittston Chamber of Commerce saw jumps in their business after Lowes and Home Depot opened up shop in the same commerce park a few years ago.

"A lot more traffic, a lot more people, I`ve personally sold houses to people who work in CenterPoint, so it`s a good thing," said Adonizio.

Joan Marino of Pittston agrees the more than 100 jobs will help give new life to her community.

"You probably won`t see as much homeless people. People will have enough money to buy food once they have a job," said Marino.

Job seekers should expect to see the openings posted within the next 60 days and Neiman Marcus is expected to open up shop by the end of this year.