Mourning the Victims

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PLYMOUTH -- Messages cover First Street in Plymouth saying R.I.P. 

Friends were bidding farewell to three young homicide victims, killed inside this apartment building Saturday.

Even the building itself is marked by the mourning.

There are messages for Nicholas Maldonado, 17, for the oldest victim Bradley Swartwood, 21, and for the youngest killed, a Scranton prep student, Lisa Abaunza, 15, of Duryea.

"It's very emotional, it's draining, trying to find out everything that occurred that night.  It's just terrible, especially when you're dealing with such young individuals," said District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis.

Sunday, police arrested two other young individuals for the killings, Shawn Hamilton, 18, and his brother Sawud Davis, 16, both from Nanticoke.

Investigators say the two pulled a gun during a drug deal inside the apartment.

In arrest papers, Hamilton tells police it was his younger brother, the 16-year-old who pulled out the gun and shot the first victim during a drug deal.  Then Hamilton tells police that Davis said we have to get rid of all the witnesses so he shot the others.

Now all are being mourned.

"It's just pathetic. It's not worth it, it's just not," said Josh Maniscalco, who lives down the street.

Maniscalco lives just down the street. He heard the gunshots Saturday night.  After police swarmed the neighborhood, he learned three were dead, one was hurt.

He said knew that apartment was trouble.

One of the victims, Bradley Swartwood was awaiting trial on drug charges.

"It's pretty messed up, but i guess we kind of weren't surprised because we suspected like drug activity and everything there. My dad was just waiting for something to happen," said Maniscalco.

After their arrest, Hamilton and Davis told police their cousin was the victim of a shooting Friday in Wilkes-Barre.

The district attorney said that victim is also in extremely critical condition but right now investigators see the relation as the only connection between the shootings.

"Other than that there's no other evidence that we have at the time that connects the two.  We are looking into it, but right now we cannot say they are connected," said Salavantis.