Cleaning Up After the Storm

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BENTON -- Columbia County was one of several areas hit hard by storms over the weekend.

Lee Remley and his wife celebrated their grandson's graduation party at their home in Benton on Saturday. Remley says the family took the party inside after it started to get windy.

"We though we better take the tents down, we had four tents up. So we took the tents down and shut the garage door. Just like that it hit us," Remley said.

Remley's son took this picture of a large tree that fell on the family's house.

"You don't know what to think. It's on the house and you have to get it off," Remley said.

No one was hurt, but the tree damaged one of the walls and the roof. Repairs are now underway.

Just a few blocks away, Sadie Huntington watched as her grandfather Tom cleaned up the mess at her family's home.

"I was standing on the back porch and it was really raining hard and it was really windy and I heard a bang and the tree fell down," Huntington said.

Two days after the storm, the damage still kept the Huntington family busy.

"Tom and I have been working trying to clean it up and I've been dragging the branches away. It's a lot of stuff," Huntington said.

The storm didn't just damage private properties, it uprooted several trees at the Benton Park and left a huge mess for crews to clean up.

According to PPL, 66,000 homes and businesses in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania lost power because of the weekend storms.