Triple Homicide in Luzerne County

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PLYMOUTH -- Two teenagers are charged with criminal homicide after a deadly shooting in Plymouth.

The arrests came less than 24 hours after a four people were shot inside an apartment Saturday night.

Three of them died, including a 15-year-old girl.

Shawn Hamilton, 18, and Sawud Davis, 16, were led away in handcuffs after being arraigned in Nanticoke.

State police said the teenagers are both charged in connection with a shooting inside an apartment on First Street in Plymouth that left three people dead and a fourth person critically wounded.

“Being that there were three individuals that were shot and killed, and one in very critical condition. We dedicated all the resources from my office, the state police, Plymouth, and with the assistance of Nanticoke Police Department, everybody worked around the clock,” said Luzerne County District Stephanie Salavantis.

According to the police report, Hamilton and Davis are brothers and they are now facing three counts of criminal homicide and one count of attempted criminal homicide after that shooting Saturday night.

State police said Bradley Swartwood, 21, was shot by Davis when Hamilton and Davis were at Swartwood`s Plymouth apartment to buy drugs.

Nicolas Maldonado, 17, Danny Maldonado, 19 and Lisa Abaunza, 15, were also there at the time.

Nicolas Maldonado and Abaunza were killed; Danny Maldonado is in critical condition at the hospital.

JoAnn Conklin was on her porch when she heard the shots.

“Since Fourth of July, but it was a whole different sound, a popping sound,” said Conklin .

Hamilton and Davis were denied bail and are locked up at the Luzerne County Prison.

Many people said the brutal shooting has shaken the neighborhood.

“I raised my kids in Plymouth and this was something that frightened everybody. They kept telling, the officers kept saying `there are shooters on the loose, please go back to your home and get inside,” said Conklin .

This shooting comes after a person was shot in Wilkes-Barre on Friday.

According to police papers, the two suspects said they are relatives of that shooting victim who is in the hospital.

However the district attorney said at this time there is no evidence connecting the two shootings.