Dangerous Heat

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BLOOMSBURG -- Health officials issued warnings Friday that temperatures this weekend are dangerously hot.

In Fishing Creek in Bloomsburg, people were splashing Saturday.

"We brought them to the creek, keep them in and out of the water, we have the canopy set up for the shade," said Nicholas Gass of Catawissa who was in the creek with his wife and two young children.

Health officials said the elderly, infants and children are the most at risk for heat related illnesses, like heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

"We have plenty of juice and water and all their snacks to go for the day," said Jenn Gass of how the couple are keeping their kids cool.

Pets are also in danger of heat related illnesses.

Dave Leary brought his dogs with him to swim in Fishing Creek Saturday.

"They always like to go swimming with me, usually a lot of times I will swim out there and they come out and swim with me," said Leary.

Despite the temperatures, some folks were doing outside work.

Melissa Brown was having a yard sale in front of her Bloomsburg home.

"Just trying to stay in the shade, drink plenty of fluids but it's been busy, a lot of people still have been out despite the heat," said Brown.

Jack Edwards and his wife were in their Bloomsburg garden planting flowers.

"Isn't it beautiful? You know, we've got winter coming. That I don't like. Give me the heat, yes, yes," laughed Edwards.

Health officials said it is key to drink plenty of fluids, stay inside with air conditioning if you have it and limit your physical activity in heat like this.

If you have to be outside, dress in light colored clothing wear a hat and sunscreen.