Taste Test: Quaker Stila

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Quaker isn’t just cranking out oatmeal anymore. Two new snack products,  Stila Oat Clusters and Cookie Bars are now on store shelves.


The park in South Abington Township near Clarks Summit is crawling with kids. It was the perfect spot to test out new Stila snacks from Quaker.


First we had a group of young swimmers try the Oat Clusters in strawberry and green apple flavors.


10-year-old Kaylee Ralston from Scranton said, “They were delicious. I like that they were really sweet and crunchy.”


6-year-old Ian Wolf of Scranton said, “They were crunchy and I taste the flavor of the green apple and it’s really good.”


Each of the pouches of Oat Clusters have 80 calories and 1.5 grams of fat.


The Stila Cookie Bars each have 100 calories and 1.5 grams of fat.


We found a little family picnic at the park, and the cookie bars were a welcome addition, in blueberry and strawberry flavors.


Vikki Lawhon, a mom from Clarks Summit said, “They’re good. They’re substantial. You feel like you’ve eaten something. It fills your belly. As opposed to a lot of those bars that you’ve eaten one and you feel like you can eat five more.”


3-year-old Zimmy Lawhon, loved them, saying, “It’s good!”


Erin Lawhon, from Hazelton shared a Cookie Bar with her niece, and said, “I liked the strawberry Cookie Bar. It was a very good snack. Not too sweet.”


6-year-old John Carvellas, said, “It’s like plain and strawberry. It’s really good.”


Quaker Stila snacks cost about $1.60 a box. We found them at Walmart.