Endangered Species Recovering in the Poconos

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STROUDSBURG — Thanks to the efforts of one person in the Lehigh Valley, an endangered bird is on the road to recovery in the Poconos.

A Peregrine Falcon is being treated at Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center near Stroudsburg. On Sunday, a security guard working at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem saw the bird fly into a nearby bridge.

“They watched it hit the bridge, it fell down, they got it in a box,” said Kathy Uhler, the owner of Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center.

Peregrine Falcons are an endangered species. Uhler said the bird is young and may have been chasing prey when it hit the bridge.

“The assessment included checking her for a concussion, which is the same for checking a person. We check their pupils, we give them an anti-inflammatory, because with a concussion you have brain swelling. We need to get the swelling down so there is no permanent damage,” said Uhler.

The falcon also received pain medication and fluids. X-rays showed no damage to its wings.

Uhler said the security guard captured the injured Peregrine Falcon the proper way, which is basically the same way you capture most injured wildlife.

First, put on a pair of gloves. Then, grab a box. Put the box over the injured animal. Then get some type of lid. Make sure you contain that animal.

Do not feed the animal, instead, immediately call the Game Commission.

The Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center takes in injured animals from five surrounding counties, including Northampton County, where the falcon was hurt.

Now, as this feathered friend continues on its road to recovery, the next step will be to make sure it can fly on its own.

“Now that we got her through her concussion, we are going to fly her in one of our flight enclosures to make sure she is ready for release,” said Uhler.

Uhler said she expects the Peregrine Falcon to be released back into the wild on Sunday.