City Leaders, Unions Head To Court

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SCRANTON -- Friday was a day in court for the city of Scranton and its municipal employees.

The workers want to get paid and the mayor says there is literally no money to pay them.

Mayor Chris Doherty says Scranton has only about $5,000 left in the bank.

Friday, city workers got their paychecks which paid them only minimum wage.

Despite the city's dire financial situation, the unions were in court Friday morning trying to get full pay restored for their members  

City and union leaders were in the courtroom for another injunction hearing on city worker’s pay cuts.

Thursday, a judge granted a one-day injunction on the mayor's plan to pay city workers minimum wage.

The judge ordered the mayor to pay union workers, including DPW, police officers, firefighters, and clerical workers at full wage. 

Mayor Doherty says injunction or not, there's no money in the bank to do that.

According to city leaders there is currently about $5,000 in the city’s bank account and  unless a $16 million loan is secured by city council, all union workers will be getting minimum wage.