Spam Turns 75 Years Old

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A food staple for many Americans reached a milestone Thursday, and maybe some of you will cringe when you hear it.

Spam is 75 years old.

Workers were busy filling lunch orders at Ed's Market in Williamsport. All kinds of subs and sandwiches were on the menu. All except the one ingredient that's celebrating 75 years in existence!

Stacked away on the shelves, that iconic and often disparaged meat in a can, Spam! Customers such as Rick Wapinsky have less than fond memories.

“I ate it as a kid just because it was what was put in front of us. I never liked the smell of it, permeated the house,” said Wapinsky.

However, for some of the folks at Ed's there's a soft spot in their stomachs for Spam. The simple ingredients and affordable price meant Deanna Esposito's seven brothers and sisters had their fair share of Spam growing up.

“At that time it was an economical meal. You could have it with your potatoes. It was nutritious, plus economical,” said Esposito.