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Rope Rescue in Luzerne County

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HUNLOCK CREEK -- Crews were called to the Main Road in Hunlock Creek around 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon. They said when they arrived, they found a man in the creek area unable to stand, his son was holding his head out of the water.

"He just said 'my leg is hurt, I don't want to move,'" said Matthew Sukaloski of Hanover Township.

The man told rescuers he jumped, hit a rock under the water and was injured. Crews from around Luzerne County were called in and the special technical team used ropes to get the man, and pull him up about 150 feet to safety.

"It was very steep terrain, very rugged, lots of rocks, slippery conditions, and there are a lot of people down here that probably shouldn't be down here, and this is the first incident but we've been preparing because we expected this won't be the last unfortunately," said Jerry Price of Hunlock Creek Ambulance.

Rescuers said it took a lot of manpower and about an hour to get the man up from the swimming area.

With more hot weather in the forecast, rescuers said they know they may be called to do the rescue again soon.

"Obviously for the heat wave coming up, we just know we're going somewhere. It just changes from township to township but it seems we're always in some illegal swimming hole sometime in the summer," said Brian Bloom, Captain of Kingston Rescue.

The man's son thanked rescuers for helping his father.

Hunlock Creek crews said that spot known to locals as the falls is getting more and more popular with swimmers.

Officials are in the process of putting together a rescue team to deal with situations like this one.

As for the man who was injured, he was airlifted to a hospital.

According to officials, his injuries are not life-threatening.