Beat the Heat Without Breaking the Bank

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If you're looking to beat the heat without breaking the bank. A new energy efficient air conditioner might be the way to go.

Rand Morgan of Dunmore said he is upgrading his AC unit this summer, trying to battle back against the heat wave.

"I`ve compared different brands and you look at the energy usage over a heating season, and you do the math and it actually makes a big difference," said Morgan.

Mark Bartocci at the Home Depot in Dickson City said the newer units have features made to save you money.

"Compared to the air conditioners of the past lets say, they have saving modes, they have timing modes, they come on at certain times and they save you energy and dollars in the end," said Bartocci.

And that's why Jerry StasseĀ is buying a new unit for the first time in ten years. "Well that`s it, they`re getting so much better, less energy, more power," said Stasse.

With so many energy efficient air conditioning units to choose from sales associates said it`s important to know what size room you want to chill before going to buy.

"We have a list of room sizes and what size room air conditioner would fit their demand," said Bartocci.

The government recommends an energy efficiency ratio of a ten or higher to get the best results, and depending on what size room you want to cool down, you could pay between $100 dollars and up to chill your home.

However, Michael Marhevka of Aurel's TV and Appliances in Hamlin said PPL customers could qualify for a $25 rebate.

"If you are a PPL customer, PPL encourages customers to purchase new air conditioners if they are energy star qualified, there is a rebate program going through PPL," said Marhevka.

They're helping save people more money while keeping cool as the temperature continues to rise.