Clothing Students in Tamaqua Area

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TAMAQUA -- Some retired teachers are continuing their efforts to help students in one school district in Schuylkill County. Their efforts are aimed at clothing students whose parents have fallen on hard times.

A group of former teachers from the Tamaqua Area School District know their hearts and thoughts are with the students they left behind. Rochelle Evanousky said what she saw in the classroom disturbed her.

"As a teacherĀ I would see students with sometimes their knees blown out of their pants or too short and looking like they should move on and maybe they didn't have the means to buy new clothes," said Evanousky.

Former teacher and Rochelle's husband Joe agrees.

"The economy is hurting with a lot of people out of work and children in the school districts when they go to a uniform policy and some people have it better than others and this is for the people that don't," said Joe Evanousky.

The former educators are collecting Tamaqua Area school uniforms for the upcoming school year. Darlene Fetterman said with retirement comes responsibility.

"Retirement is wonderful. You have time to relax but also to get involved in the community and help the community in other ways," said Fetterman.

The clothing will be given away. A date for the giveaway will be announced soon.

The former teacher's said students need to have navy and khaki pants, white or navy blue polo shirts, and sweaters without hoods that are navy, white or tan.

The former Tamaqua Area teachers will be also collecting school supplies to make sure the students are ready for the school year.

The clothing program is going through the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tamaqua. Contact information on the clothing collection can be found here.