Reunion Marks 75th Anniversary

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LEHIGHTON -- July fourth takes on extra meaning for some folks in Carbon County.

It's the day they hold their family reunion, and it’s the 75th year for the gathering.

It was the 75th reunion of the Semmel and Green families near Lehighton. They have held their get-together for 75 years and always on the Fourth of July.

“I think it's always been the tradition and someone decided, and I have been here for 30 years, and I think 15 to 20 years ago someone decided never to break the tradition so we've always held it that way,” said Peter Goodrich of Dowingtown.

As tradition calls for, there is always a prayer for their families, our country and the military.

“We ask that you keep us mindful of the military people who have given their lives to keep it safe,” said Goodrich.

Edith Lentz of Bowmanstown was a young girl when she attended the first family reunion.

“I was nine years old at that time, and I make time every year,” said Lentz.

There are dozens of pictures for people to look at of past reunions.

“It was quite a drive over 500 miles and get to see them and see them all at the same time, and it makes it a lot easier to visit my family,” said Candace King of North Carolina.

“With us getting married in November of last year it gives us the opportunity to meet a bunch of new people and get together and celebrate Independence Day,” said Wes King of North Carolina.

The families are looking forward to their 100th family reunion in 25 years.