Community Celebrates Fourth of July Together

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- While many people may be spending the Fourth of July with family and friends, one community in the Poconos is celebrating together.

Each year people in the East Stroudsburg area celebrate the Fourth of July together at the annual American Freedom Festival which is organized by the Eastburg Community Alliance.

The alliance is a nonprofit organization that holds events for the community.

The event in Dansbury Park included all types of food, rides, and games for families to enjoy.

“We come every year since my daughter, who's now the mom, came many many years ago when they first opened. We have a lot of fun,” said Mary Ann Hines of East Stroudsburg.

Other parents were snapping pictures of their young ones enjoying the rides.

Ted Hoyt of Stroudsburg said he likes capturing every moment when his family is together.

He said the best part about the festival is the rides.

“The kids always look forward to that. They got some prizes, water guns, now we're looking for a place to fill those up and try to beat the heat today,” said Hoyt.

Another highlight of the festival is the local art vendor area.

At the "tutu princess" tent, owner Amy Boligitz makes homemade tutus and flower clips.

She started making some tutu attire for her infant daughter and said there are many more uses for tutus than just dancing.

“I had an order for someone who wanted to wear it under her dress to poof it out a little bit, there are some for dogs, and dolls, anybody. If it fits, you wear it, and wine bottles too, that's for the adults," said Boligitz.

However you celebrate the Fourth of July, make sure you celebrate our nation's freedom with your family and perhaps some new friends.