SWB Yankees 2012

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24-year-old Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankee infielder Brandon Laird is working his way towards the big leagues. With 17 multi hit games this season Laird's ability to drive the ball is returning. It was back in 2010 when Laird won the Eastern League Rookie of the Year award with 23 home-runs and 90 rbi.

"I started off slow-slower than usual, but I had a couple new things thrown at me with my approach swing and stuff. I kind of went thru a phase where it got to me mentally and I was thinking about it too much, but this last few games I've been swinging the bat pretty well and getting back to what I do best. That's just driving in runs and helping my team win," said Brandon Laird.

For a team without a permanent home and playing every game on the road the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees are playing good baseball. Eight games over .500. Their hitting with power and getting on base and leading the International League in walks.

"We are making the best of the situation. Evidently what there doing to Scranton with the stadium is going to take some time and we will have our home back next year, but right now Rochester's our home and mixed in with some other ballparks like Batavia and Syracuse. It is what it is. We are traveling a lot. We are on buses a lot. We are in hotels a lot, and we are just making the most of it," said Russell Branyan.

Adam Warren is back in AAA after his brief major league debut in the Bronx. Warren had a cup of coffee, took the loss, and learned a few things along the way.

"What was the experience likes besides pitching in that one inning? It was a good learning experience for me and you kind of learn the emotions of the big leagues. I feel like I got my feet wet. I kind of learned what it was like so now coming back down here I have motivation to get back there. I want to work hard and try to get better," said Adam Warren.

These Yankees are far from having a permanent place to play. Life on the road can be difficult, but if you ask Russell Branyan what they have. They have each other.