Firefighters Suspect Firecracker Started Blaze

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MAHANOY CITY -- The sound of firecrackers going off is common place on a Fourth of July holiday. Fire officials in a Schuylkill County community suspect a firework started a blaze.

The combination of an old abandoned building, and dry wood made for a bright and hot fire in Mahanoy City Monday night.

Tony Blackwell is a spokesman for the fire department.

"Someone playing with fireworks, one of them got into the roof area and a few hours later we having a building fire in an abandoned building that not only that puts firefighters in danger but it's not good for the community in general," Blackwell said.

Police Chief Mark Wyekrykas said fireworks an cause some real danger for fire.

"It's been very dry, it’s been very hot and it may be easy for dried out older buildings or grassy areas to ignite if a firework explodes," Chief Wyekrykas said.

Joe Kryner lives across the street from the abandoned garage. Kryner said he's tired of dealing with the building.

"It would be nice for people to take care of their properties when they get to this point, sell it or do something, it's an eyesore, it’s a danger to the community," Kryner said.

Kryner said someone was lighting firecrackers shortly before the flames were spotted.

"My house could have caught on fire last night. My wife was the one who dialed it in," he said. "My bedroom is right up there I am trying to go to bed and there is this bright light outside and I looked out and the garage is on fire."