Cemetery Spruced Up in Waymart

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WAYMART - The Colonel Asa Stanton Cemetery in Waymart was in rough condition just a few months ago when Jaki Sheare decided to tackle the clean up.

On June 19, the graves in the Colonel Asa Stanton Cemetery were neglected and buried in brush.

Now you can clearly see Jaki's hard work has paid off.

"I just clipped and clipped and when it got too tough on one side, I went to the other side and started clipping there," said Jaki Sheare of Uniondale.

"This is totally amazing.  For many many years I`ve tried to get somebody inspired to do something about the cemetery," said Wayne County Historical Society President Jane Varcoe.  "The Stanton family tried to help at first. We got people to clean up to a point, but we could never get it cleaned up like it is today. "

There is still some work to be done in the cemetery. Jaki says some of these stones need to be leveled and other things to be cleared out, but she says for the first time in decades she`s proud that there are markers where our country`s heroes are laid to rest.

"They came here and selflessly they fought for us to have freedom.  What i was doing was nothing.  I was cutting some weeds.  And pulling some brush, what they did took courage," Sheare said.

The commander of the Waymart American Legion Post helped to decorate four veterans graves in the cemetery, saluting the fallen soldiers as each marker was put in place.

"It`s been quite awhile since we had some folks out here to put flags in," said Ken Swan, the American Legion Post Commander.

Laura Drake owns the land where this cemetery lies and was able to visit it for the first time in more than a decade. She can't believe what's been accomplished.

"It`s just wonderful. Just proud to be an American I guess and know what these people have people have fought for our country," said Drake.