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Businesses are ready for Biden

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SCRANTON -- Dozens of vendors and businesses are all ready for the vice president's visit to Scranton.

Thousands of people started packing Courthouse Square around 4:00 p.m., getting in line to watch Joe Biden speak later tonight.

It`s an all day task, getting downtown Scranton ready for a visit from the vice president of the United States.

From security preparations to blocking off streets, it takes a whole lot of planning for such a huge event.

"It`s one thing to plan a big event, but when you have a big VIP coming, it`s going to be a fun time," said Jillian Wydra, who's coordinating the event. "Everyone should come out and enjoy it."

During his stop in our area, Vice President Joe Biden will meet with campaign supporters, friends and family, and attend the evening fireworks event at Courthouse Square in Scranton.

While here, Biden is expected to say a few words to all those in attendance.

And to keep the almost 20,000 people who show up, several vendors line the streets of downtown Scranton.

Louis Sapolis has a concession stand ready to go. He says it`s been a busy morning setting up, and the heat doesn`t make it any easier.

"(The hot weather) makes it harder, longer, tiring, but it`s all good," said Sapolis.

And it`s not just vendors who will be kept busy. Local businesses are also gearing up for the busy night.

Here at Carl von Luger`s, the dining room is expected to be packed. They`ve set up extra tables outside, hired extra staff, and will even sell some food on the street for those walking by.

"It`s going to be great, It`s a Tuesday night too and the whole outside is reserved. It`s going to be great."

The vice president is expected to take the podium a little after 7:30 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public.