Local Reaction To Latest Penn State Scandal

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SCRANTON -- Was Joe Paterno involved in a cover-up at Penn State or is he the target of a smear campaign?

It is the question on the minds of many.

Friday, CNN released emails reportedly between former Penn State President Graham Spanier, former Vice President Gary Schultz and former Athletic Director Tim Curley.

In one of those emails, Curley wrote that after a conversation with Paterno, he wanted to just talk to Jerry Sandusky about allegations of sexual abuse, instead of alerting authorities.

"I think it's just another continuation of trying to find another scapegoat and obviously Joe Paterno is the wrong guy, obviously Joe Paterno is what he is, he's one of the greatest things to happen to Penn State football and Penn State University," said Wayne Evans of Scranton.

Evans is a Penn State graduate and one of many from the area who said Paterno would never have been part of a cover-up.

In response to the emails, Paterno's family released a statement through an attorney, Monday.

It reads, in part:

"Releasing these emails in this way is not intended to inform the discussion, but to smear former Penn State officials, including Joe Paterno."

The Paterno family called on authorities to "....immediately release all emails and records they have in this case. The public should not have to try and piece together a story from a few records."

"Oh, of course, you can't just show half of what you want people to know," said Christiana Martinez of Scranton.

"Don't just release what you want people to think, release everything so that way everyone has the whole story rather than just parts of it," agreed Jose Pagan of Scranton.

"It's pretty easy to spin information if you only release certain information and it's a terrible thing that happened and it would be nice to know if he's innocent, that he was innocent," said Sheila Stasack of New York who is staying in Scranton.

Gary Schultz and Tim Curley are facing criminal charges they lied to a grand jury about the sexual abuse investigation and failed to report possible abuse.

The former Penn State President Graham Spanier may faces charges related to the Penn State sex scandal as well.