Cool Air in Demand

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BARTONSVILLE -- Some stores in the Poconos are running very low on air conditioning units.  Some places are even having a tough time keeping some in stock!

At Lowe's Home Improvement store in Bartonsville, the aisle that contains air conditioning units and fans is a popular spot.

Many of the shelves are half full.

"They're through the roof, they are. We can't keep them in stock long enough," said Bonnie Duvo, a sales assistant at Lowe's Home Improvement.

Duvo, who sells the air conditioners, says over the weekend, the aisles were packed with people buying the AC units.  Now their stock is very low and some items are even sold out!

"The popular ones are the 5,000 and the 8,000," said Duvo.

Kathleen Savage of Reeders is looking for an air conditioner for her daughter, after it broke over the weekend.

"We put an air conditioner in my daughter's house two weeks ago, it worked for two weeks, and then it went," said Savage.

"Our most popular one is the floor model. We have the floor model that hooks into your window and you can move it from room to room," said Duvo.

The unit is so popular, Duvo says the store is taking pre-orders.

Margaret LaBare of Saylorsburg got the last portable room air conditioning unit, just in time.

"My uncle, he has asthma really bad and he couldn't find a room air conditioner. He's in a wheelchair so he wanted to know if I could get one. So I called and they said this is the last one," said LaBare.

The next shipment of air conditioners is expected to arrive Monday night.