Sunbury Riverfront Project Almost Finished

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SUNBURY -- A project in Sunbury that has been nine years in the making is almost finished. The Riverfront Project will bring an amphitheater, fishing dock and walking trail to the city.

Gary DeGroat owns Riverview Inn Bed and Breakfast in Sunbury. His business is right across the road from what will soon be a new amphitheater. He hopes the facility will bring more people to Sunbury.

"I'm really hoping it will impact our business in a positive way. We've been having difficult times because of the economy," said DeGroat.

The Sunbury Riverfront Project has been in the works for more than nine years. Jim Eister is Director of Parks and Recreation in Sunbury. He said the center of the project is an amphitheater that will seat up to 500 people. However, that's not all.

"We have a fishing pier, we have a marina, an overlook deck down below. The project on the river side is roughly one mile long," said Eister.

The amphitheater offers such a beautiful setting that even though it's not even open yet, Eister said people have already been contacting him about holding weddings and other events here.

A one mile walking path is already along the river. Bobbi Zuback lives nearby, and uses the path often.

"We can just walk out and enjoy the weather. We take our dog for a walk everyday," said Zuback.

"We have a lot of children and parents coming here and just playing. I was down here last night and I walked. You meet a lot of good people," said Eister.

Eister said the Riverfront Project should be finished in the next three weeks. The Sunbury Riverfront Project will be dedicated in August, before the City's Riverfest.