A Home for a Hero

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP -- Volunteers in Scott Township came together Friday to help build a home for a hometown hero. Sergeant Earl Granville served his country, completing two tours in Afghanistan, but an improvised explosive device wounded Granville before he returned home in 2008.

The event didn't change his outlook on life, but it created challenges in his everyday routines.

"Earl was always a great guy. The person you see now is always motivated, it's the same way he was in Afghanistan," said Dan Naylor of Factoryville.

"One of my biggest problems I think is just the stairs when I'm on my crutches, it's a little difficult. I just throw the crutches up the stairs and then I just walk up the stairs," said Granville.

Now the community around Montdale is helping to build Granville a home he can truly use.  A national organization called Homes for Our Troops is spearheading the effort. All of the labor and materials have been donated by local companies.

Project manager and owner of Ken Kurtz Building, Ken Kurtz said, "One thing I really love is my freedom and our freedom wouldn't be here very long if it wasn't for those military guys and all they do to preserve our freedom."

With the help of more than 100 volunteers, support beams were in place within hours, and by the end of the weekend, the entire framework of the home will be in place.  The volunteers said it's the least they can do for a soldier who gave so much.

"I just think it's awesome the crew coming together to build a house for Earl who gave service to our country. You know, he sacrificed a lot for us. I think it's awesome to be here," said Matt Showers of Scott Township.

The home will be fully equipped to accommodate Granville, with wider entryways, roll under counters and a therapeutic tub to name a few.

"I feel spoiled. I feel very spoiled, but it's I can't thank the community enough for everything they're doing. I'm very thankful and I'm just very honored as well," said Granville.