Taste Test: Mott’s Medley’s

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SCRANTON -- Fruit snacks, that little pouch of brightly colored gummy shapes has occupied many a lunch box over the years.

Mott's, the company known for apple juice and apple sauce is working its fruit into a new product: Mott's Medley's.

To test them out we needed some kids! A group of testers ranged from eight to 10 years old. They were a part of a summer day camp at the Greater Scranton YMCA.

The kids tried both the fruit and vegetable varieties. Each pouch has 80 calories, no fat, and 12 grams of sugar.

These new fruit snacks contain pear, apple and carrot juices, but most of our testers were none the wiser.

"They taste a lot like fruit," said Kylee Albert of Dunmore.

"I liked how they were chewy," said Lindsey Jason of Olyphant.

Adrianna Gambo from Dunmore added, "I liked how they taste."

Mariah Addis of Peckville seemed to agree. "I love them because they were chewy and I like the taste of it."

"I really liked the juice in them and the texture.  One of the ones I really loved the most were the strawberries," said Hannah Jeffers of Scranton.

Even for a fruit snack connoisseur like Hannah Grasso, Mott's Medleys were a hit.

"These were really good and they were almost better than the others," said Grasso.

Only one tester, Tommy Ciccotti from Dunmore, said he could taste the carrot juice. But he said that wasn't a bad thing!

Mott's Medleys can be purchased for around $2.00.  There are ten pouches in each box.