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Nanticoke Administrator On Leave Pending DUI Investigation

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NANTICOKE -- A city administrator in Nanticoke could be facing charges pending the outcome of a crash investigation, according to police.

Police believe Holly Cirko was driving under the influence when she hit a retaining wall at a business.

Nanticoke police say a Volkswagen Jetta driven by Nanticoke city administrator Holly Cirko was damaged after an early morning crash in the city.

Police say Cirko hit a retaining wall outside the 24-hour Coco Hut Convenience Mart around 3 a.m. Tuesday.

City Solicitor William Finnegan says investigators suspect Cirko of driving under the influence.

“Holly Cirko was picked up in the early morning hours with regard to an incident that occurred in the city and investigation is currently underway with regard to a potential DUI offense,” said Finnegan.

According to police, after hitting the wall, Holly Cirko got out of her car. She went into the Coco Hut. She then came out of the store, got back into her car and then took off.

Frances Padilla works at the Coco Hut. She wasn't working at the time of the crash but described what the employee who was working saw.

“She said that the lady had hit this right out here, she came in, she was very intoxicated and she got something and she left,” said Padilla.  “And there were people outside who did call 911 and that's how they found out.”

Investigators say Cirko was picked up shortly after the crash.

Her car was towed.

City officials say Cirko has not yet been charged as the crash is still under investigation.

“We expect to have the results of that investigation probably by early next week,” said Finnegan. “In the meantime I've spoken with the mayor who is away on vacation and the administrator has been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of that investigation.”