Four Men Arrested for Carjacking

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- A suspected carjacking in Luzerne County has landed four men in state police custody. 

Maryanne Milner of Mountain Top, 23, was allegedly carjacked along Interstate 81 south near the Nuangola exit.  Tuesday afternoon she explained the entire ordeal that she said was terrifying.

"I had guns to my head and they took my car," said Milner.

She said it happened just after she had a fight with her husband on I-81.

“I did the usual 'let me out of the car,' walked, wanted to get out of the car so I walked a little bit, a minute or two of walking, a car pulled up in front of her," said Milner's husband Randy.

“I was sitting on the side of the road, they seen the car sitting on the side of the road, they pulled up and jacked me for my car," Maryanne added.

Four men came up to her minivan, told her to get out, took her cell phone and held her at gunpoint.  She said she did what they said and could only think of her family. 

"My kids, not seeing them.”

Milner said she then got back in the minivan.  She said two of the men drove her a few miles down I-81 while the other two followed in their car. 

Milner said she was then told to get out of the minivan and she ran for her life.

“I just ran into the woods until I saw a house, knocked on their house and asked them to call the cops.”

A few hours later,  Weatherly police found the woman's minivan in Carbon County, near the intersection of Route 93 and Quakake Road. Soon after that, police had all four suspects in custody.  Suspects Milner says scared her to death. 

“I thought I was going to die,” said Milner.