Clearing the Way for Dorms

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- It's day one of demolition for three buildings on East Stroudsburg University's campus.

The goal of the project: to make way for new housing on campus due to the schools increased enrollment.

"This is the demolition phase, phase two of our housing project. They're taking down the yellow building that housed the police station because the police station is in the basement of the new suites," said Robert Moses, Director of Residence Life.

The East Stroudsburg University police station was the first of three buildings to be knocked down.

Many people lined up to watch the crane pull apart the building and smash several parts of it into a pile of rubble.

Police Chief Robin Olsen was one of the many watching the building come down. He said it was kind of bittersweet to witness.

""It's a little emotional in a sense, but it's a good thing for the university and for the students. For us, it worked out, we have a new location with more space, which is always nice as well," said Robin Olsen, Chief of Police for East Stroudsburg University.

Now that the campus police station has been knocked down, next week, crews are scheduled to start tearing down those buildings which are freshmen dorms. 

"It will almost be, like, create a whole new quad area," said Moses

University officials say the new buildings should be ready for students in about two years.