Sandusky’s Victims: Moving On?

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DUNMORE -- Jerry Sandusky has been convicted. He is locked up now on charges he sexually abused 10 boys.

Eight of those boys, now adults, testified against Sandusky describing him as a man who pretended to care about them, only to abuse them repeatedly.

"The fact that he is behind bars, you know, they have the sense that it won't happen again and i think that's very important to becoming a survivor, the monster has been contained," said Dr. John Lemoncelli.

Dr. Lemoncelli is a psychologist and counselor who teaches at Marywood University in Scranton.

He has written books about sexual and childhood abuse.

He said the victims have to remember, they will never get their childhoods back, their innocence, but he said they can work to heal.

"It happened, and it's horrible, you did nothing to warrant it, but you also need to take responsibility because only you can take responsibility to heal themselves," he said.

The fact that Jerry Sandusky was convicted by a jury on 45 of 48 counts, is validation for the victims, according to Dr. Lemoncelli.

There are reports that one of Jerry Sandusky's adopted sons, Matt Sandusky, admitted he too was abused by his father, and he approached prosecutors during Sandusky's trial.

"I would suspect that matt's going to be torn up by this terrible guilt, guilt that it happened and then guilt that he did not come forward immediately and then guilt that he did at some point," said Lemoncelli.

Dr. Lemoncelli says the trial is over, he hopes other victims of abuse get the message to come forward.

"I think it is an incredible victory for the victims becauseĀ I do believe it will be easier to come forward with their stories, be it sexual abuse or emotional abuse, or physical abuse."