Sandusky Guilty Verdict Reaction

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Hundreds of people in Bellfonte cheered when they heard Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 counts of sex abuse. People from all over the area gathered on the steps of the Centre County Courthouse as soon as they heard there was a verdict. Many were emotional when they heard the word "guilty."

Kelly Rinaldi of Mifflin County said "He is going to pay and he is going to have to think about this everyday for the rest of his life. What he's done to these children, justice has been served."

Adam Eunk of Bellefonte said, "You can't even get back what he did to those people. I mean, what can you say? That's all there is to it. He deserves the worst we could possibly give him."

David Day lives in Bellefonte and sat inside the courtroom for the entire trial.

"Tonight I had a feeling he was going to get accused for it," he said, "and he wasn't too happy when he went out the doors tonight with the sheriff."

Many people cheered, some cried, and some held up signs."

"We're so excited. This is what needed to happen. He is absolutely guilty. We knew it--we're excited," Tammy Watkins of Bellefonte said.

Corinne Zimmerman-BLood of Myersburg said, "Very happy. I was surprised. I wasn't sure which way it would go. I'm extremely happy though."

Everyone Newswatch 16 spoke with says they are happy with the verdict, and that Jerry Sandusky is finally where he belongs, in jail.