War Veterans Learn to Fly Fish

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WEATHERLY -- They are considered heroes by many people, and today, some veterans got a chance to kick back and relax

Friday was a big day for former air force captain Tom Tucker. He was with a group of veterans near Weatherly learning how to fly fish. Tom became partially disabled when his plane was shot down during the Vietnam War. The pastime of fishing helps.

“It helps me get my mind on different things and i am in the chair most of my time. It helps, it really does, it gives you inner peace,” said Tom Tucker of Pittston Township.  

The event was sponsored by several groups including an organization called Healing Waters and by the Paradise Hunting and Fishing Club.

“They put their lives on the line for us. I am a veteran and to see them here and the smile on their faces when they catch a fish, you can't replace that,” said Joe Thomas from the Paradise Hunting & Fishing Club.

“I am fortunate enough. I am 80 years old and I like to help my fellow vets, “said Jim Moody a worker from Healing Waters.

 Not everyone fished. Some World War 2 vets just watched.

“It's just enjoyable to sit here and watch these guys who don't have  a lot of experience fishing and I just as soon sit here and see them catch them,” said Dan Sobashinski a war veteran from Plymouth.

“I fished all over when I came out of the service, deep sea fishing,” said Mike Esposito of Hazleton.

Club officials said they're going to try and do this again next year bigger and better, more vets and more fish.