Thunderstorm Flips Planes, Downs Trees In Luzerne County

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FORTY FORT -- Two small planes fell victim to the storm`s wrath at the Valley Aviation Airport in Forty Fort as they now sit on their rooftops.

The owner of the airport said the storm`s winds yanked the planes out of the ground.

“It ripped the tie downs right out of the ground, steel rods and everything came out,” said airport owner Joe Scrobola. “This one over here, it sheared it’s nylon, half inch nylon ropes, sheared them off, right off, and rolled that one over, and all the other planes turned into the wind.”

At the Midway Shopping Center in Wyoming, a fireworks tent collapsed after its poles were yanked from the pavement.

Workers said they barely had time to get out.

“All of a sudden a little bit of wind came and it ripped out all the poles, the rope on the other side, the tables went, and we had to run out. We had to get out because it’s not even safe to go in there right now,” said tent worker Mary Arzenti.

“It’s not the first time this has happened. It’s something you just expect this time of year,” said Debbie Ivins, the district manager for TNT Fireworks. “So what we just do is come in, clean it up, count it up and then just send in a new order.”

At Saint Casimir’s Cemetery in Pittston, the fence line was crushed by falling trees as branches knocked over some grave stones.

The caretakers at the cemetery they won’t know how bad the damage is until the debris is cleared.

“Right now we don’t know what’s damaged over there until we pick those trees up, looks like the fence is all down and I don’t know how many of these stones are busted,” said caretaker Tom Loiack.