Deliberations in Sandusky Trial Continue

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BELLEFONTE -- A lot has happened each day of the Jerry Sandusky trial until Friday, which can pretty much be summed up as a waiting game.

So far, the jury has asked for more clarity when it comes to charges related to two of the 10 alleged victims.

Thursday night, jurors went to a hotel after deliberating for about eight hours.

The deliberations may go into Saturday or Sunday.

Following the two week trial, some have planted themselves outside the courtroom in Bellefonte in hopes of being in the courtroom when the jury's job is complete.

“We've been coming very early in the morning, one day we were here at 3:30. We just want to make sure we get in to see how it's going and be supportive,” said Vanessa Myers of Milesburg.

Here's partly why the jury is having trouble coming up with a verdict.

For nearly two hours Friday morning jurors listened again to what Mike McQueary and family friend, Dr. Jonathan Dranov testified to in court.

Prosecutors read what McQueary said from a court transcript.

The former Penn State assistant football coach said he saw Sandusky sexually assaulting a boy in a locker room shower back in 2001.

Then McQueary told his father and Dr. Dranov. Dranov's testimony was also read to jurors.

They paid close attention to Dranov's testimony that he kept asking McQueary "what did you see?" and McQueary could only describe the sounds he heard.

In that testimony, Dr. Dranov told the court each time he asked the question, he said Mike McQueary got more upset, so they stopped there.

That case was one of only two in this trial that did not have an alleged victim take the stand.

The other case also involved an alleged sighting in the shower on Penn State's campus.

The janitor who supposedly saw the abuse is senile and could not testify, so jurors needed the judge to clarify how hearsay testimony from a fellow janitor should be considered.