Businesses in Bellefonte Have Mixed Feelings

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BELLEFONTE -- Now that the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial is almost over, some business owners in Bellefonte are ready for things to go back to normal, but some are happy with the large crowd of people.

It's been busy the past two weeks at Diamond Deli in Bellefonte. The restaurant is right across the street from the Centre County Courthouse. Since the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial started more and more people have come to eat.

"I've been overwhelmed with the business. I just can't keep up with it," said Arlene Milton.

Owner Arlene Milton said on a normal Friday she would serve around three hamburgers.  On this Friday, she sold more than 30!

"I went and got meat this morning and I got it half gone," Milton said.

Some of the other business owners said they feel a little bit differently because some of their regular customers have not been able to find parking spaces because of the media.

"Some will call and say well what's it like down there?  We'll say you can get parking, there's no trouble. We've probably lost some of our regular customers," said David Montgomery.

David Montgomery owns Parrish Apothecary Shop. He said even though some of his regular customers are not shopping, members of the media are giving him business.  Even so, he is ready for the trial to be over.

"I think some of us kind-of feel people think that's what Bellefonte and Centre County are all about. We're ready to move onto something better to hear about," said Montgomery.

"We're just out there. Who would have ever thought, Centre County, Bellefonte? We're all over the world," said Milton.

Both of the business owners we spoke to said next week at this time, business will be back to normal.