Reaction to Closing Arguments in Sandusky Trial

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BELLEFONTE -- Dozens of people stood in line, hoping to get a seat inside the courtroom for closing arguments in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial.
By the time some of the people left the courtroom, they formed their own opinons of the trial.
At least 50 people waited in line outside the Centre County Courthouse for the chance to see one of the biggest trials Bellefonte has ever seen.
"Bellefonte hasn't seen anything like this ever and probably never will again. It's' a once in a lifetime and it's a horrible thing," said Anthony Grillo.
Jerry Sandusky’s trial on child sex abuse charges is something most people only read about or heard about on television.
Scott Vanderpool drove an hour and a half from Punxsutawney to sit in the courtroom for the closing arguments.
"They were very good. I had trouble hearing, I was in the back, but it's one of those things, where whatever the verdict is, that's what the truth is. I'm not swaying one way or the other," said Vanderpool.
However, some people have made up their mind. Maggie Martz is a college professor, and sat in the courtroom for the entire trial. She does not feel the defense gave a good closing argument.
"They had nothing so they had to grab for what little bit there was. I think anybody with any ounce of intelligence realized that there was no truth in that and I've been here every day," said Martz.
Some of the spectators said they thought the jurors looked very attentive. One woman called the closing arguments "dynamic," and said she does not envy the jury.
"I think they have a hard decision. I originally thought it would be a quick decision, but listening to both sides today I think if they are honest jurors it's going to take a while," said Susan Holbrook.
Many of the people inside the courtoom said they wanted to hear the closing arguments for themselves, so they could make up their own minds about whether or not Jerry Sandusky is guilty.