Jim Leyritz Visits Boy’s and Girl’s Club In Scranton

SCRANTON -- Jim Leyritz won 2 World Series rings while with the New York Yankees. One in 1996 and the other in 1999.

He is best remembered for his 3 run home-run off Mark Wohlers of Atlanta in Game 4 of the 1996 World Series. With the Braves leading 6-0 after 5 innings Leyritz hit the 3 run home-run in the 8th to give the Yankees the 8-6 victory.

The Yankees signed Leyritz in 1985 as an undrafted free agent. Leyritz grew up in Ohio and played college baseball at the University of Kentucky.

Leyritz was involved in a drunk driving accident in December of 2007 where he was charged with vehicular homicide. Three years after the accident he was acquitted of DUI Manslaughter and found guilty of a misdemeanor driving under the influence charge.

Leyritz's vehicle struck the vehicle driven by 30 year old Fredia Veitch back in 2007.

Leyritz now works for the Yankees on a personal services contract and has a book out titled "Catching Heat-The Jim Leyritz Story."


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