Flying High in Clinton County

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LOCK HAVEN -- Piper cub planes from across the country landed in Lock Haven to take a trip down memory lane.

It was the annual Sentimental Journey.

A few winds of the propeller and the piper cub planes were ready for take-off.

Hundreds of piper cub pilots were filling the skies in Lock Haven, for the 27th annual Sentimental Journey.

Pilots said they live for cruising in their cubs on hot days.

“It's a low and slow cub plane and you fly with the windows open. They don’t go very fast anywhere, it's like driving an old car,” said Leo Janssens of Florida.

Every year, the fly-in brings aviators back to Clinton County to travel back in time, and remember the days when these vintage aircrafts were made in Lock Haven.

“It`s really grass roots aviation at its best. There`s no computers in these airplanes, they`re just tube and fabric and it`s what they call flying by the seat of your pants. It`s really how you feel,” said Dana Holladay of Maryland.

“It`s just great to be with the other cub pilots and with the people that are really down to earth, yet their pilots,” said Janssens.

Many pilots said they return to the Sentimental Journey each year because they`re allowed to wind up the propellers, climb in the cockpit and take off. And it`s one of the only fly-ins in the nation that allow them to do so.

“Flight line isn't shut down all day doing air show after air show to get to fly their planes, and they really enjoy doing that,” said Kim Garlick, Sentimental Journey Secretary.

Planes constantly take off for sightseeing trips, as pilots share their love for flying with others.

“These pilots are awesome, they have so much fun, so friendly, they make this fly in work,” said Garlick.

“It`s just a pleasant airplane to fly around the airport, on a sunny day like this is. It`s fun. It`s a step back in time again and it`s lovely,” said Janssens.

People can check out the piper cubs and take a sentimental journey of their own through Saturday.