Cooling Off at Lehigh Gorge State Park

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JIM THORPE -- People all over our area were finding ways to cool off on Thursday.

One state park in Carbon County attracted a lot of folks.

Carol and Frank Dieter said this is the best way to cool off, becoming one with the Lehigh River. They have different reasons for coming to Lehigh Gorge State Park in Jim Thorpe.

“The whole area there are three counties in there tight bucks, Montgomery, Chester, and they have the heat warning,” said Frank Dieter.

“We had no air conditioning yesterday in our office. It was down and I said to my husband ‘I have today off let’s just come up to Jim Thorpe’ where we love to come just to be in this spot where it's nice and cool,” said Carol Dieter.

Blaine Turek found a shady spot to fish hoping to snag a big one.

“It's terrible! I am a winter person. This is not my weather at all!” said Blaine Turek of Jim Thorpe.

Darcie Trotman works the pump on a float for her kids. She chose the state park over a community pool.

“The kids don't like the crowds. They don't like the noise and stuff, it's quiet they can walk in the woods, they can check out the falls and everything else,” said Trotman of Jim Thorpe.

People who often come to the park said this week there were only a few folks here, but that changes during the weekend when it's almost wall to wall people.