The Big Question: Will Jerry Sandusky Testify?

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BELLEFONTE — Jerry Sandusky said nothing to reporters firing questions at him as he entered the Centre County Courthouse Wednesday morning.  They were asking what is on everyone’s mind at the courthouse in Bellefonte, wondering if the former football coach will take the stand in his own defense.

At the end of testimony Tuesday, Sandusky’s attorney Joe Amendola could be overheard telling the judge “we haven’t made that decision yet.” But it wasn’t clear if he was talking about whether his client would testify.

Amendola would offer no hints as he walked into court this morning.  He told reporters “The judge will throw me in the clink” if he answered their questions, referring to a gag order the judge has placed on attorneys in the case.

Amendola did hint to the jury last week during his opening statements that the jurors would hear from Sandusky himself.  He didn’t directly say that Sandusky would testify.

Legal analysts have been all over the place about whether testifying will do Sandusky any good.  Some say it’s his only chance at this point.  Others have said it is too dangerous to open him up to cross-examination by the prosecution.

Court resumes at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning.  The judge told jurors earlier this week he expected the defense to be done calling witnesses Wednesday morning.  He said the prosecution would have Wednesday afternoon to call rebuttal witnesses.  Then he expects closing arguments to come Thursday morning.  Deliberations would start after that.

If Sandusky testifies, look for updates here on as soon as the judge allows the media to leave the courtroom.