Staying Cool in the Heat

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Folks all over northeastern and central Pennsylvania were trying to beat the heat on Wednesday.

The temperatures were in the 90s, just shy of breaking the record.

We found out what people in the northern tier did to stay cool.

Folks in Susquehanna County had the right idea. Kids and their parents jumped in to public pool in New Milford all to beat the heat.

“Today's the first day of summer and I'm so excited!" said Lance Heeman of New Milford.

Kids spent the day jumping in and out of the pool, swimming, having fun, and staying cool.

“We're just swimming all the way to the bottom and jumping in in style," said Kayleigh Layton of Hallstead.

Parents said having the pool gives the kids some relief, especially when their homes get so hot.

“We just came down here to cool off and by the time we get home it's all cooled down,” said Kasey Baker of Dimock.

For the lifeguards it can be a bit tough working in the heat, but a lot of breaks and pool time makes it so much easier.

“Every hour we get a ten minute break for the lifeguards and we open a concession stand for the kids, and we jump in ourselves! So that's really helpful,” said Mackenzie Edwards, a lifeguard.

Just a few miles down the road in South Montrose, folks found another sure way to beat the heat: ice cream.

“I just want to swim and eat ice cream!" said Jeryn Delong of Lawton.