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Sandusky Defense Rests, Closing Arguments are Next

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BELLEFONTE -- Jerry Sandusky did not take the stand in his sex abuse trial Wednesday morning. Instead, the defense rested just before noon.

That means all the evidence is in in this case.

In the trial, we heard a lot from the other side. The eight alleged victims took the stand one by one last week to say Sandusky did horrible things to them. They gave graphic testimony that he sexually abused and assaulted them.

After months of insisting he is innocent, Jerry Sandusky did not take the opportunity to tell jurors his side of the story. He left the Centre County courthouse without taking the stand in his own defense.

Sources tell ABC News that Sandusky wanted to testify but his lawyers decided it wasn't best for the defense.

“I wanted him to explain his interviews. He said ‘I don't think there's a problem with showering with young boys.’ I wanted to see him explain that away,” said Hayley Groulx of Williamsport.

“I can tell you at the end whenever they came out and said the defense rested, I felt I got punched in the stomach one more time. I wanted to hear from him,” said Connie Boland of Avis.

Instead the defense put up people who said Sandusky is a great guy.

David Hilton said on the stand that he stayed at Sandusky's house, even vacationed with him.

He told jurors that investigators interviewed him, and he felt they tried to get him to say he was a victim.

The defense also tried to raise doubt about key prosecution witnesses.

The defense called McQueary family friend, Dr. Jonathan Dranov. He told a slightly different story than Mike McQueary.

McQueary said he actually saw Sandusky assaulting a boy. Dranov said McQueary only told him he heard it.

Despite the defense attempts for Sandusky, many people have made up their minds that he is guilty.

Now it's up to the jurors to decide that. Closing arguments are set for 9 a.m. The jury is set to start their deliberations after that. They will be sequestered at a hotel until they have a verdict.