Public Disappointed Sandusky Didn’t Testify

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BELLEFONTE -- Prosecutors said they were not surprised that Jerry Sandusky did not take the stand in his own defense.

However, a number of people in the courtroom from our area were, and they were left disappointed they never got to hear Sandusky say he didn't do all the things he's accused of.

At the start of the day, there was every indication Jerry Sandusky could testify in his own defense.

Hours later, his attorneys rested without calling the former Penn State assistant football coach to the stand.

For some in the courtroom it was a somewhat shocking end to testimony in the seven day trial.

“A little bit, I was hoping Jerry would testify or maybe there would be rebuttal case. It was really quite shocking,” said Michelle Groulx of Williamsport.

Michelle Groulx and her daughter Hayley are from Williamsport and got to the courthouse in Bellefonte early, hoping to see Sandusky on the witness stand.

“I wanted him to explain his interviews; he said I don't think there's a problem with showering with young boys. I wanted to see him explain that away,” said Hayley Groulx.

Connie Boland, a guidance counselor from Clinton County, said she felt betrayed by Sandusky. Boland referred kids to the Second Mile, Sandusky's charity, and said it bothered her that he did not defend himself.

“I don't know what he could say on the stand. I don't know if he could say something that would make me feel better or not. I just felt he needed to put himself up there,” said Boland.

Throughout all this, Sandusky has maintained he's innocent. There's no telling what he could have said, or how prosecutors could have grilled him on each alleged victim.

Without Sandusky's testimony, some who witnessed part of the trial believe a guilty verdict is inevitable.

“I think he should have gotten on the stand and testified and told us what he did and what he knew, but he didn't,” said Tamitha McWilliams of Howard.