Juror Replaced in the Sandusky Trial


BELLEFONTE — A juror in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial told the court she was too sick to come to trial on Wednesday morning.  Juror #6 is now off the jury and replaced by an alternate, Juror #13.

Juror #6 is a woman in her 20s, who during jury selection, said she isn’t big into news watching and didn’t know much about the case. She works for a company that rents apartments to Penn State students.

Juror #13 told the judge and lawyers during jury selection that she is a Penn State graduate.  Jerry Sandusky spoke at her PSU commencement.  She said her father is also a Penn State graduate and she has joined him at Penn State football games all her life.

With the elimination of Juror #6, the jury now has even more Penn State connections.  Now nine of the twelve people who will decide Jerry Sandusky’s fate have close ties to the university.