Helping Senior Citizens Beat the Heat

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MAHANOY CITY -- Experts said the elderly are more prone to the effects of the heat and humidity.

We found that efforts are being made in Schuylkill County to protect senior citizens from the stifling temperatures.

Greg Merchranski and Kyle McGee can feel the heat in Mahanoy City. They were spending a lot of time outdoors.

Greg and Kyle helped out making deliveries for the Meals on Wheels program.

They also had the job of making sure the clients are not suffering. Medical experts said the elderly are especially susceptible to high heat and humidity.

“It's real important to make sure that people are safe because they don't have people to check on them a lot. Sometimes we are the only people that get to see them that get to see,” said McGee.

Meals on Wheels recipient Anna Forgotch of Mahanoy City appreciates the check and has taken her own precautions against the heat.

“Last night it was cool, and when I got up this morning, I had the windows open, it was still nice and cool. I closed all the drapes so it kept the hot air out from the sun,” said Forgotch.

Officials of agencies that deal with older people said the best thing you can do if you have a senior citizen as a neighbor is check on them frequently.