Environmental Crime in Carbon County?

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BANKS TOWNSHIP -- For the past two days, agents from the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Environmental Crimes Unit have been searching a business that recycles oil and other wastes.

The officials were at Hazleton Oil and Environmental Incorporated near McAdoo. The company is in the business of recycling oils and other waste. The men wearing protective clothing were taking samples from the business.

When Newswatch 16 was there, investigators targeted a company tanker truck and large storage tanks. What sparked their interest is unclear, but state officials said they were serving a search warrant on Hazleton oil.

Ryan Keip runs Keystone Case and Keg about 200 yards from Hazleton Oil.

"It's usually a very good business. I have never heard of them having leaks or anything like that. Every once in a while and every once in a while the fire trucks will be over there," said Keip.

Keip also said he wants answers about the investigation of his business neighbor.

"They're pulling sludge out of the trucks. I don't know what's going on when there are people in hazmat suits and they have tents up and their pulling stuff out," said Keip.

Just down the road Marlin Weyant is waiting to get his motorcycle inspected. Weyant said he wants to know what`s up at Hazleton Oil.

"I was thinking it might be a leak maybe something contaminated something I don't know," said Weyant.

Several men who said they represent the owner of Hazleton Oil and Environmental Incorporated declined to comment. They did indicate the owner would have something to say once the investigation is complete.