Beating the Heat in the Poconos

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Wednesday marked the official first day of summer and with that, came the heat and people trying to escape from it.

"We don't have a pool and I'd rather swim in fresh water instead of chlorinated water," said Julie McDonnell of Marshalls Creek.

At Smithfield Beach near the Delaware Water Gap, some families decided the best way to cool off was in the Delaware River.

Some kids took the opportunity to smother themselves in mud, which seemed to also do the trick.

"It gets hot every summer. Today's the first day of summer and I used to live six degrees from the equator. So this is not hot," said McDonnell.

Not everyone wants to cool down by getting wet. Some people prefer heading indoors, cooling down with something sweet.

At Sweet Creams Ice Cream Store in Stroudsburg, it's been a steady flow of customers all day.

Not only is it air-conditioned, but the menu includes plenty of cool and sweet treats.

"We wanted to get ice cream because it's hot out," said Acadia Holbert of Stroudsburg.

"It's an excellent way to cool off, and there's no chlorine and people don't do anything in your sundae that they do in the pool," said Bill Burns of California.

According to the county emergency management officials, if you have to go outside, take a break and find shade.

Most importantly, if you're doing any activity outside, make sure to drink one to three cups of water every hour to keep hydrated.

Also do not lock pets or kids in the car.