Revolutionary War Cemetery Clean Up

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A Revolutionary War cemetery is getting some much-needed TLC after being forgotten for years.

When Jaki Sheare of Uniondale and her relatives came to visit their ancestors' graves in the private cemetery in Wayne County, they couldn't believe what they saw.

"My soul was sad, to have it in this disrepair," Sheare said,

The Colonel Asa Stanton cemetery in Waymart had been neglected for years. There were overgrown weeds, brush that grew waist-high, and stones toppled over. That's why Jackie said she decided to take the project on as a labor of love.

"May 1, I just started, I just came out, started weed whacking, pulling all of the weeds, all that grew up onto the wall.  I just started," said Sheare.

About 40 graves lie within the stone walls, including many war heroes and Colonel Stanton himself, the founder of Waymart.

Jaki has spent the past month straightening stones and she says by the Fourth of July the brush will be gone. But even after that, she says the work won't be done.

She plans to spruce up the entrance and install donated veteran markers on several graves.

Laura Drake who owns the property where this cemetery lies says Jaci's work has been a blessing.

"I was very happy, very happy to have somebody to do something because other people have come and looked at it but they didn't want to work in it. If it wasn't for Jaci it wouldn't be getting done," said Drake.

Sheare said it's just her way of honoring those who came before us, and fought for our freedom.

"I work for a paycheck in my pocket, but this is the paycheck in my soul.  It had to be done," said Sheare.