Movie Being Filmed In Pottsville

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POTTSVILLE -- What does Las Vegas and Pottsville have in common? Both were used as movie sets for a new flick!

Wolfe Street in Pottsville was blocked off and became a movie set. It's just one of 50 places across the country being used to make a flick called 9 Ball.

Tony Palma is the movie's creator. He said it's taken more than a year to produce 9 Ball.

"The plot is about a young woman who is aspiring to become a professional pool player and all the obstacles she has to overcome in her life," said Palma.

One of the stars is played by Jennifer Barretta who plays billiards professionally. She said she can't wait to see her moves on the big screen.

"It's hard to see yourself objectively and you don't really think about how you look and what you're doing, so I don't know. It should be interesting," Barretta explained.

Some Pottsville residents are being called on to be a part of 9 Ball. A part of the movie will be shot inside Carol Davidson's downtown shop, Carol's Secret Closet.

"I am going to play the owner of a high-end shoe store and I think I have one sentence to say in the movie," Davidson said.

Back on Wolfe Street, Joe Quirk played catch with his grandson. Quirk said he was surprised to see his neighborhood turned into a movie set.

"I think it was a great idea and I think there is a lot of great spots in town and it's great publicity for the town," said Quirk.

Officials say the filming should be wrapped up this summer and they plan to release it in the fall.