Dottie Sandusky Takes the Stand

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Jerry Sandusky's wife took the stand Tuesday afternoon and told jurors she never saw her husband do anything inappropriate with the alleged victims in this case.

Defense attorney Joe Amendola listed each of the 8 alleged victims in this case and asked Dottie Sandusky if she knew them.  She knew most of them.  Then Amendola went through each of the ones that she knew and asked if she saw Jerry doing anything inappropriate to them.  She said no to each one.

Dottie shot down an allegation made my alleged Victim 4 last week that she walked in on Jerry molesting him while staying with Dottie and Jerry on a bowl trip to Texas.   She said she walked in on them in an argument about going to a bowl banquet.  She said both of them were fully clothed.

Dottie Sandusky said she rarely went to the basement of their home but Jerry was down there a lot.  She said the basement isn't sound proof.  She told jurors that she isn't hard of hearing.  She said she never heard screams coming from downstairs.

Some of the alleged victims testified last week that they spent almost every weekend at the Sandusky home.  She said she remembers a boy here or there spending maybe a weekend a month at the home, sometimes more during football season.

When asked about what would happen at bedtime when the boys stayed over, Dottie said Jerry would often go down to tuck the boys in before going to bed.   On cross-examination, the prosecutor pushed her on this answer and asked if she also went to the basement to say goodnight.

“I didn’t go down and tuck them in.  I don’t know, I don’t know.  I just know he would tuck them in at night," she said while a little flustered on the stand.

Dottie told jurors she liked most of the boys, but she did say a bit more about the three accusers who gave the most graphic testimony on the witness stand last week.

“He was very demanding, he was very conniving, he wanted his way and he didn’t listen a lot,” she said about alleged Victim 4 who was the one who said she walked in on him being molested.

“He was a charmer, he knew what to say and when to say it,” she said about alleged Victim 9, the teen from Snyder County who said he was repeatedly raped in the Sandusky basement and screamed for help.

"He was very clingy to Jerry.  He would never look people in the eye.  He would not look at people," she said about alleged Victim 1, the teen from Clinton County who went to authorities and got this investigation going.

A long pause filled the courtroom when deputy attorney general Joe McGettigan asked her if there was any reason for any of the alleged victims or Mike McQueary to lie.

"I don’t know what it would be for," she responded after a stretch of silence in the courtroom.

Dottie Sandusky was the last defense witness for the day.  On Monday the judge said he expects the defense to rest on Wednesday afternoon.  There is still no word if Sandusky will take the stand himself.  Amendola was overheard in the courtroom telling the judge "we haven't decided that yet."  It wasn't clear what he was talking about.